Bangkok Bike Tour

A photo from Simon Paris’ bike tour in Bangkok.

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Bionic Drive System: Inertia Bike

Reader nicelook tipped us to this video of an interia bike in action – I’m not sure exactly what the inertia bike does, other than go up and over a grassy knoll a bunch of times.

Is this FTW! or WTF?

Rhythm of the Miles

Douglas Whitehead is riding his bike from England to India and in his latest post, he’s getting used to the rhythm of the miles and enjoying the silence.

The weather was glorious and the rural French landscape was idyllic as I cycled along the banks of the River Meuse. The light had a sort of special haze to it that seemed to intensify and magnify distances, but what really stood out was the all-encompassing silence


Photo: Douglas Whitehead

When we toured Alaska, for hours on end all we heard was our breathing, the bike, and Nature. Tuscany, Spain all beautiful but not as remote or quiet.

Twitter Art from the Banjo Brothers

Thousands of tweets ago and long since passed in the ether, I said something like

“we need more art, more absurdism; something just off-the-wall in this medium now jammed up with social media experts, gurus, marketing, and the occasional jesus freak.”

The Fake Christopher Walken was good for a while and then along comes the Banjo Brothers and their bike-centric micro-fiction on Twitter, which launches later this week (4/2). Interested and upon further inquiry, I learned the following in an email from company co-founder Mike Vanderscheuren

Serialized in 140 Characters


Urban Assault Ride Dates Announced

I had a blast at last years UAR when it came through Seattle. What’s the Urban Assault Ride you ask? Basically, two person teams race around the city on an organized bike scavenger hunt. You start the race with a manifest. You plan your own route, and at each check point there is a “Mini-Olympics” style challenge. Once your manifest is complete, you race back the start line, for a massive party hosted by New Belgium Brewing, (makers of Fat Tire Beer.) Last year the challenges included a paper boy toss, mini-keg stilt walk, Bike Joust, and a kid’s sized tricycle race. You don’t have to be in Seattle to participate since the UAR road show might be coming to a town near you. Check out the dates announced below, and learn more about the event after the jump, and if you sign up, tell’em bikehugger sent you!

Tucson: April 19
Nashville: May 3
Seattle: May 17
Portland: May 31
Austin: June 28
Fort Collins: July 19
Denver: July 26
St. Louis: August 16
Madison: August 30
Chicago: September 20
Minneapolis: September 27

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