NAHBS Cargo Bike

It was just a matter of time before the longtail concept showed up in the custom bike market. This Blacksheep cargo bike is on exhibit this weekend at the North American Hand Built Bicycle Show in Indianapolis Indiana.

Uploaded by pedals | more from the Dapper Lad Cycles Photostream.

Post Launch Update

podcast_hugga.jpg Nearing a week after launching Hugga 2.0, we’ve worked out most of the bugs and issues.

Yesterday we got the Huggacasts back working, 404s resolved, and will keep making the site even huggier.

Readers are reporting some issues when logging in to comment and creating accounts. We’re checking those and note that there are like 17 ways to get into the site. If one doesn’t work, we’ve got another and Typepad authentication seems the most reliable. If you’re having issues, please contact us.

There are some transitory issues and periodic strangeness you may have seen. We don’t know either, that’s just how it goes on the Interwebs.

I’ll talk more about Hugga 2.0 during the Try Making Yourself More Interesting panel at SXSW and our Mobile Social.


The site launched with the work and help of

Thank you readers for your comments and for reading our blog.

Brand New Bamboo

The convo at Hugga HQ went like this:

I think our readers will want to really express that they too are a Bike Hugger with ‘lots of hugga’ style.

No. They’ll want it more subtle.

Fine. One logo then, sheesh.

The brand new bamboo will debut at SXSW this year. This is a sample, but I’m going to wear it around the house. The actual shirts have just one logo and we’ve got womens too.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Show Us Your Rack

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is sponsoring a design-a-rack contest, following the New York’s CityRacks competition last year. We’ve blogged about designer racks before and often wonder why they’re either after thoughts attached to a building, brutalist, or nonfunctioning.

A fav is this bike bench


also see David Byrne’s art racks


and secure bike racks built for cities with thieves. There’s one with a pump in it as well.


What good racks have you seen or what would you design?

Hat tip to reader jacobawhite and Wired.

Chilly Hilly 2009

A Northwest cycling tradition marked the beginning of the season on Sunday, as more than 3,500 people rode around Bainbridge Island for the 2009 installment of Chilly Hilly.

Though I wasn’t out getting wet with all the other hard-core folk out there, I was happy (and warm) keeping up via Cascade’s twitter feed and following the many photos.

And so we officially kick off this year’s line-up of Cascade’s events. Clip in, folks.

Chilly Hilly
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