Hook ‘em Horns & Yellow Devil

Having watched glimpses of the sport for years on ESPN, ABC, and then finally full-coverage on OLN then Vs, it’s great to see more fans on the roads embracing the Euro tradition of crazy outfits.


Hook’em horns guy, superheroes, the Pope, Grim Reaper, and so on. It also wasn’t too long ago, that police tackled fans during the San Francisco Grand Prix cause they didn’t get the whole, “run and cheer them on” thing.

KK+ Bikes

Kris Krug, whose into Change, Culture, Creativity, Communication, is shooting Fashion Week and occasionally a bike photo will flow into his photostream.

This one is from a 2005 series and here’s another from 08. Watching for more.


Freaky Chopper

FreakBike Chopper style. Cool.

Uploaded by Randy Richmond Photography | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Kits of Old, Gear that Sucked

It’s that time of year when team kits (describes matching team gear: shorts, jerseys, socks, arm warmers) have arrived or are arriving and I’m reminded of Kits of Old. Like the year we had smurf blue legs warmers shown here in this flattering photo.


One year we had arm coolers that actually made your arms colder. There was a curiously hot and cold jacket. Good and warm, but didn’t wick the sweat and would get freezing cold when the wind whipped up.

Worst ever was the Blik skin suit that was like a sauna suit – you sweated profusely in it. Good for losing weight, bad for staying hydrated. To add to the suffering, the pad was little more than a sponge.

I think we’ve all probably had clear rain coats that were wetter inside than out.

What’s been your worst kit or gear that sucked?

Armstrong’s stolen bike recovered

Details at Cyclelicious. Also on CNN.

Uploaded by richardmasoner | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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