My Fresh New Hed C2 Fixie Wheel

In the past 6 months I have replaced every wheel associated with my four road bikes and my convertible road/fixie/track/travel bike. I rebuilt two sets of Mavic Classics hubs onto new Open Pro Ceramic rims, acquired another set of un-rebuilt Classics Pro, and swapped my Mavic Cosmic Carbones for Hed Het60 C2.

That left the wheels on the do-everything Sycip travel bike. I’ll need a front and two rear wheels (10sp and fixed).

hub label.jpg

Local Bike Shop plea - continued

A New York Times article from this week highlights some of the challenges of the bike shops these days. I recently posted a call to the Hugga’ community to get out there and support your local shops. The article provides more insight into some of the struggles. The credit pinch certainly isn’t helping.

What’s hurting the Local Bike Shops?:

  • Inventory costs
  • Bad assumptions on the size of the Commuter market
  • Tightened wallets
  • Low gas prices (doh!)

Grit and Borrow A Bike

We went to Denver over the holidays and although I used to keep a bike to ride when I was working there regularly, I decided to use it as my rain bike in Seattle. So it is always with some remorse that I travel to Denver for more than 3 days. I’m not big on spin classes although I have done some killer ones in Boulder, but Denver? The mountains beckon and I just want a real bike to ride.

Pam's bike.jpg

iBike Pro III: Simpler Power

I’ve never been a training ride with my bros, when we’ve not stopped for a teammate to mess with their Powertap; to make sure they get the last possible watt measured, set their intervals up, they forgot to set it right, or something. While Powertaps have certainly improved from the days of failing on the bike, they’re still a complicated on-board, super-power-measuring computer. I’m not a Powertap user and have nothing bad to say about their devices – dudes swear by them, I know.

Kona: measuring

The Lightness of Computing

Just back from Kona and getting caught up, with more observations about traveling with a Macbook Air. As I’ve written, the computer does what it should, it’s not limited by the processor or graphics card. I ran a full compliment of software including iPhoto, Final Cut Express, and VMware fusion.


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