Hot Mama-chari

When I bought my Gios mini velo from the Loro Slowspot, I passed by this mama-chari outside of Tokyo Station. I have to say, it looked posh in red. Sure, it’s got a child seat and electric assist, but something about it says sporty. Like how Jessica Alba is still smokin’ hot even with a baby carrier.

mamachari 2.jpg

Bike Thief Caught

As the West Seattle blog tells the story, a thief tried to sell a bike back to its owner (twice)

In early December a parking garage condominium on SW Avalon was burglarized. The victim had her bicycle stolen. The victim located the bike on Craig’s List and met the seller in the Downtown area. The victim took the bike for a test drive, verified it was hers by the serial number and kept the bike.

On 01/03 the victim notified SW Detectives that the same seller was selling another bike on Craig’s List. Detectives called the seller as a potential buyer and met the seller in the downtown area. When detectives met the seller, the victim was with detectives in a nearby vehicle and positively identified the seller as the same person who tried to sell her, her stolen bike. The seller was arrested and booked for trafficking stolen property.

That story is nearly as good as Bike Lost Bike Found and the Surly Mustache that was also recovered via Craigslist.

Consumer Reports: 58 percent don’t wear helmets

Reuters | More than half of U.S. cyclists forgo helmets: report

Whenever we post anything at all about helmets, it tends to descend into a “You’re nuts!”/”No, you’re nuts!” kind of a thing.

However you feel about helmet use, we’re passing along the linked study by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, which found that 58 percent of Americans don’t wear helmets while cycling, and that 92 percent of riders killed while cycling in 2007 were not helmeted.

The study looked to quantify how often Americans “engage in risky behavior,” but only of the Consumer Reports-safe varieties, including driving 10 mph over the speed limit, leaving items on the home stairs, and talking or texting on a cell phone while driving.

Along with helmet use, the study also tracked things people don’t do, like wearing sunscreen or using ear protection when using heavy equipment. It appears in the February ‘09 issue of Consumer Reports, with some details available online.

In other news, I’m not alone in never unplugging my toaster – about half of Americans do likewise.

Bike Skull Stickers

Few things say urban tough like an upside-down bike skull sticker …


especially when paired with a snake lock. Oddly the bike shape doesn’t form a face, but instead I wondered if that’s how the skull dude was supposed to have perished, like he ran into an upside down bike or a bike pile.

Hufnagel Bicycles at Shimano Tech Seminar

Hufnagel wins DA.jpg

Hey, forgot to mention last month that at the Shimano Tech Seminar in Portland, Shimano gave away a Dura Ace 7900 group. Not just a voucher, they just handed off a box full of DA during the raffle. Jordan Hufnagel of Hufnagel Bicycles, sitting 2 seats to my right, won. He makes cool bikes, so I can…almost…forgive him for winning.

Check out his custom steel bikes.

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