Inauguration Bikes

Well that’s what I would’ve done as well…

“A man waving his bicycle infront of the MSNBC studio on the National Mall a day before Inauguration of President Obama. He later confirmed that his friends were able to see him at home.”

Bikes on the National Mall

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Barack Wheelie

Popping that wheel of hope!

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Bike Hugger’s Hope

The hope at Hugga HQ is for a bike-friendly administration, tax breaks for small business, and bike-related transportation jobs (a small list really).


Photo credit: Mark Stosberg.

Also see the Obama Spoke POV.

BYOL:  Bring Your Own Lane

For all of you awesome commuters, here’s a bright idea. Bring your own bike lane, for increased visibility, even when the streets don’t offer one. Though we’re pretty sure that SDOT would take issue with using lasers on the street.



New wheels get the Hugga decals – getting ready for racing season.

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