A Frozen Face

My attempt to hold out on riding in the snow – instead sledding, hiking, fun with the kids – is over (Winter won this round) and with Snow Tires on order, it’s time to get out the big guns for cold weather.

Back in the day, I’d ride in all sorts of weather:

The White Winter

It snowed in Seattle. It snowed a lot. I rode my dropbar mtb all over the town. Streets were ghostly. The ground was white and glittery and crunched under my tires. People hid indoors as the snow flakes falling blurred the skyline, the trees, the light. The city was transported back in time to a less civilized era, and wolves entered the city to hunt. I saw it all.

I’m so tired. The effort of rolling over even level ground is so much more than a road bike.

I went from Belltown to the U-district and back, then home to Capitol Hill. People were snowboarding in Gasworks park, where this picture was taken.

gasworks snow.jpg

I’m worried about the impending melt and refreeze. I hope my Schwalbe Spiker Pro tires get here soon. One of the lightest studded XC tires out there and costly. Please Fedex, get those tires from Kent to the bike shop before the ground turns to icy death!

Hugga Wool with bike parts

Another reader shows off his new Hugga Wool T with bike parts in the background.

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Santa Bike Shark

Was googling for a Santa bike and found a Santa, riding a bike, doin’ a wheelie, with a shark! Awesome and I bet they were playing some head-banging music while Santa did some underwater bike tricks.


Equally awesome is this one!


Notice the (I think) electric motor. This Santa cyclist was on his to open the famous German Christmas mail office.

Photo credit: Reuters Pictures

A Snow Covered Steed

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