Dropbar MTB, pt 4

tycoon snow rack 2.jpg

As of Pt3, we had gotten the dropbar mtb assembled, now we can talk about the ride.

First off, one of the primary reasons I wanted a dropbar on my mtb is so that I could get a lower hand position. It’s easy for a tall rider to do that with a flatbar because his seat is a lot higher relative to the top of the head tube, but I needed dropbars and a track stem to do that. Also, I just never found the wrist position of a flatbar comfortable under vigorous, sustained riding. My dropbar mtb solves this.

Dropbar MTB, pt 3

In Pt1 & Pt2, I described the path I chose in setting up a dropbar mtb. Now I’ll explain how it all came together.

First, the project bike is a 2003 Bianchi Tycoon XL Titanium, the first of the Bianchi ti mtbs with disc mounts. It still came with canti mounts, but I unscrewed them from the stays. One unusual feature of the frame was the welded-on support for a Shimano E-type front derailleur which, as I described in Pt2, locked in some choices for the front shifter. In any case, I got a XTR E-type derailleur in the same deal as the frame.

tycoon snow side.jpg

The rest of the formula follows………

A Cyclist’s Computer: Macbook Air

We periodically write about technology, mobility, and gadgets. Our travels to Asia have been to attend Intel Developer Forums and blog about Mobile Internet Devices, NetBooks, and more – we also covered CES and its totally overwhelming consumerism.

A technology I’ve been following is small-form factor, ultra-portable laptops, and have been watching the Macbook Air since it came out.


Pilen Concept

Tipped to ADDI, a young design group, by reader Simon Yuen, I’ve been looking at their Pilen Concept bike; unlike this bike posted on Gizmodo today, it’s looks real.


Stuck for Good

Wait till the Spring to ride that bike again … .

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