Macbook Air: Airplane Power

Yep the MagSafe Airline Adapter totally worked.

That’s the first time ever that I’ve had power on a plane.

And I went for it.

Like Jay Allen said, I

turned the screen brightness all the way up, opened every app, compiled some software, started two movies running simultaneously and started calculating the quintillionth bit of pi; then edited a Huggacast.

I wanted to hear them fans blow; I also blogged with locally hosted Movable Type Pro, deleted a bunch of emails, and turned my screen so the traveler across the aisle couldn’t see what I was doing …

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Ducati Moose

I spent the holidays in Minneapolis and had a chance to visit my favorite Coffee Bar, Bike Shop, Rotating Art Exhibit, and Bike Boneyard. All of this, and the Bianchi Buck can be found at One on One Bicycle Studio in downtown Minneapolis. Check out more photos from One on One after the jump.

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In the Bike Shop: The Mystery Creak

I hate it when a customer brings a bike in and asks if I can stop their bike’s creak.

I’m sure it’s just a simple fix, can you do it while I wait?

The Dropbar MTB, Pt5:  Tweaking the drivetrain

I’ve been toying with my dropbar Bianchi mtb for the past six months or more, but there always seems to be something more that I could tweak.


Rock You Like a Hurricane

Trying out a new blend at Hugga HQ and wow – Hurricane is right; it’s like an intense whirlwind of caffeine blowing through the studio.

Kept fresh with a Clip-n-Seal, of course, and delivered fresh by Amazon.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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