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From Japan: Ute in Shibuya

Kona%20Ute.jpg My first day in Tokyo, we went to Shibuya and walked to Harajuku. After the UT t-shirt shop I saw this Kona Ute next to this one shop/boutique. This is the only longtail I’ve seen in Japan, but though Japan may score low on the cargo bike parameter, this country is near tops for commuters. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but in Copenhagen I saw a crapload of commuters. I think that if the subway/rail system wasn’t the best in the world then there would be even more cyclists commuting. There are definitely less motorscooters here than Taipei too.

Input Request from Versus

Versus contacted us via their interactive agency and are asking for input on their Tour coverage.

Readers do tell and we’ll get it to Versus. They’re listening and want to make the Tour better next year. My input was

“Pull Zabel out of that damn Take back the Tour ad. Make it less of a man show with a female correspondent, like Kirsten Gum. Engage more bloggers and die-hard fans.”

Say Hello

Sign in on our desktop site or use this Google Doc and tell us how you cycle, where and what you ride, and your commute. Or something entirely different, like some crazy invention you got that’ll make flats obsolete or maybe a new lube. We read all the comments we get.

Bike-related iPhone Apps

My iPhone Omnifocus project for today is “election” – I’ll ride to the polls, vote, and tick off the tasks to complete the project (last week it was Halloween). I use OF all the time on my iPhone, being mobile traveling, and riding. I also use

I’ve found a few bike-related apps; Bicycle Gear Calculator, Cychosis, and BikePower and wondered what readers are using? Do they work well?

An issue is that you’ve got to keep the iPhone on and that app active to get any results from a ride and look at the screen while riding.

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