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Bike Hugger Flaps Arrived

Hugga Flaps!

The fellas over at Buddy Flaps came through with some fancy BikeHugger branded fender flaps. As I’ve written in the past - nothing says “I’m a nice guy” more than a good fender flap. Funny tidbit?: 90% of SKS fenders sold in the US are to the Pacific NorthWest. Who knew?!

You want a set? - Stay tuned as they go on sale shortly!

From Japan: tradition and technology for a mamachari

e-bike%20mamachari.jpg Here’s an electric-assist version of the mamachari classic Japanese bike for the housewife. Note the front and rear child seats, and mini front wheel. This was a pretty common site, but I can’t say for certain whether they are a new trend (with the electric assist) or if I just didn’t notice them much the times before when I came to Japan.

Either way, I’m impressed that the Japanese public intends to keep the bicycle as a part of everyday life.

Bike Hugger Buddy Flaps

Out of necessity, cyclists in rainy, wet climates use all sorts of inventive materials to create mud flaps for bike fenders. Old water bottles, duct tape, political signs, sump pump hose, and so on. Fender flaps are even a fashion statement. The purpose of the front flap is to protect your feet and in the back to protect your buddy from the spray, mud, and debris. On group rides, showing up without an adequate flap will result in a shunning to the back, strong comments, even getting yelled at because the spray from your rear wheel roostertails into the cyclist behind you.

Updated Update!

01/14/09 – We’ve got the flaps back in and they are en route to for fulfillment. We pulled a few aside to ship directly for those of you that have been waiting.

01/26/09 – the flaps are now available on

Rainy Season in Seattle

The rainy season is back in Seattle with new wet-weather gear challenges for a longtail. I’ve got riding in the rain down to a science when touring, training, riding hard, and even racing. It’s a liner, windtex, outer shell, and fleece-lined knickers or tights. I don’t generate the heat riding a longtail in a urban enviroment, but also need to stay warm and not get to hot. I’m experimenting with

As you can see in the photo, I’m bundled up good with the PreCip hood up and over the helmet. Sitting up and seeing the world is great on the Bettie, but also means the driving rain drives right into your face. Got the campy hat with the bill to keep some of out of my eyes and the eyeware is for protection as well as glare. I wish someone made chaps for cyclists. Reports to follow on how this works out.

What are you wearing on your commute?

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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