Bike Hugger + SxSW = Magical!


The voice said to me Mark, explain what Bike Hugger at SxSW is like.

Well, I’ll tell ya’. We swoop into town in a cloud of dust and tortilla chip crumbs, spreading good will and nacho stains like cycling fairies… in the magical sense, not the alternative lifestyles sense…not that there’s anything wrong with that. First we check into our swanky digs, and then we spread out to find our cycling brethren and their rides…the cool and carbon…the chill and custom…the wild and Frankenbikin’. We will immerse ourselves in Austin’s bicycle atmosphere…and then we inhale. Next we gather unto us all the fellow cycle-friendly travelers, music and film festivalers, the creative professionalers. We will use all available means to announce our presence such as smoke signals, cans-on-string, bird calls, and possibly even emails and twitter (but absolutely no drum circles).

Why I Heart Boxee

I heart Boxee because of this Little Blue Trickster dude from an ancient episode (1981) of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. While I reminisced with 80s nostalgia about the episode, my kids not so much. Maybe it was the disco-influenced sets they didn’t like. Most likely the pacing and why exactly did the Zykarians have removable heads? And damn Erin Gray was an 80s hottie.


Mud avoiders, tape rubbers, and more

Picking up on Chris Mahan’s observation that Cross has this, “old school mountain bike vibe,” it’s also more freewheeling, with rules on-the-fly, and lots of opinions on them rules.

I particularly enjoy this because I was into the scene years ago, out, and back in for Bike Hugger’s coverage. It’s cool to see it grow so much with huge crowds, families, BBQs, big personalities, and enthusiastic fans.

Dan Norton – legendary Cross racer, champion, race promoter – and I met midrace at Spokane Roubaix many seasons ago. I’d been dropped hard in another category and later joined by a rotating line of Masters. I asked to roll into their line and pulled until the next big hill. Dan nodded his appreciation for the work and rode off with his competitors. I finished my race by myself, but proud that I’d helped someone. We’ve been friends ever since and saw each other at the Seattle Cyclocross Series Monroe race. Check this quote from Dan

I would not hesitate to relegate him, Redline or not, if I thought it was intentional. And now, please give him some grief ! Yell some nasty things at him ( in good spirit), make a sign with an arrow “Matt this way, all others that way” ” Bike Hugger turn here, all others turn there” You can even make a sign that says ” Dan, this way” just have it pointing to the mountains and a figure 11 over Jim Browns snowboard bound figure lying flat in the snow. Knuckledrager, I’m coming ta git ya’

Hugga Wool T

Made for us by Ibex, the Hugga Wool T is the latest addition to our Hugga Comfort line.

Learning to Win Cyclocross

Note: This story was told to me by Chris Mahan, REI Designer.

The best part of spending your cold, wet, winter Sunday mornings racing cyclocross is the group of racers. Most of these people are just happy you’re dumb enough to be out there with them riding knobby-tired road bikes in the mud. It’s an old school mountain bike vibe.

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