From Taiwan: Mini Velo bikes in Asia

IMG_3995.jpg I’m in Asia on vacation, and one of my amusements is finding interesting mini velo and folding bikes. Here’s my current object of obsession, the Gios Panto. I saw one parked outside a bike shop while in Taiwan.

Wraith Bike

Late this afternoon, right as the sun is setting, Bettie and I will emerge from the Hugga HQ garage draped in black and riding like a bat of out hell, hell-bent on scaring the Underoos off the neighborhood children. The spooky plan includes scary sounds played on an iPod connected to a speaker and a basket full of candy to give away, after the children realize it’s just that guy in the ‘hood who’s really into bikes …



What do you have planned for your bike and Halloween?

Huggacast 70: Easy Racers

I’ve seen Easy Racers a few times and caught up with the bike and cyclist while riding with Pam and her new Pink Bike.

Whether or not a commuter will ever pin a number on, turn a pedal in anger, or race their bike, they’re as competitive as anyone and this bike is built to be an “ultimate commuter.” Dude is reducing his commute time being low and all aero. In the video, we’re clipping right along. On the hills, I think he’d go like 4 mph and 64 on the descent.

Note: we rode next to the West Seattle Freeway, a noisy road.

Velocouture 1895

Knickers (manpris), flat cap, sport coat, safety bike …


Shuffling the Fleet


I don’t keep old bikes. It’s become a bit of a problem really, but every year about this time I get involved in “the shuffle”. I sell my race bike in order to buy a new one for the next season. This year I sold my Trek Portland rain bike making way for my new Baron. My wife is convinced it all makes for a very complex money drain, but somehow it all seems to work out.

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