Huggacast 65: Amsterdam

We daytripped Amsterdam en route to Rome. Amsterdamize was our guide. As you’ll see and hear, it was “cold, wet, sideways rain with lots of coffee; just like Seattle but with 8 hours of jet lag.”

Amsterdam: City of Bikes

We rented our bikes for the day from Mac Bike – friendly, helpful staff – all Amsterdam. We got to talking and I mentioned Bike Hugger, so they have a look at our blog and what’s the first thing they see? Mark’s Knog Porn post – nice! We fit right in here in this town.

Amsterdamize was our informative guide and rode with us around the concentric canal streets stopping for coffee twice, through the Red Light District waving at girls in windows and stoners; and then stopped to check the trippy Tuschinski Art-Deco theater.

Later we meetup with the crew at Work Cycles. Work Cycles is the exporter for Bakfiets in the USA via Clever Cycles. The shop owner was preparing for the shop’s 5th anniversary. They also sell bikes like this and the furniture mover.


Disc brakes and steel trends

conquest%20classic.jpg Pictured here is the Redline Conquest Classic, a drop bar bike easily serving as an all-weather commuter. Ironically, though it is named “Classic”, it is the first the steel frameset in the Conquest lineage. Yes, steel is back, and disc brakes continue to propagate the entry and mid-level road bikes.

UPDATE: from Andrew - Redline contacted BikeHugger to let us know that this bike will be in the ‘09 lineup after some tweaks are made. I’m sure we’ll have more once it’s launched

What many people don’t realize about the resurgence of steel bikes is that the almost complete disappearance of steel wasn’t just bike companies deciding to force consumers on to aluminium frames. The reality is that many of the Taiwanese and Chinese factories just are not capable of steel bike construction. A factory can’t order different tubes one day and switch to steel frame production like you would switch out the milk to make a soy latte. However there have been a number of factories which are now ready to produce steel, working to fill the market demand.

More Porn from Knog

porn%20patch.jpg I’ve been to enough Interbikes to have an authentic weariness and apathetic air when talking about newly introduced bicycle product, but I still laugh a little each year. What makes me laugh? PORN!

Besides having the most groundbreaking advertising campaign since the introduction of the Marzocchi girls, Knog has some seriously fun products. Check out their new inner tube patch kit with their distinctive and almost-NSFW cartoons printed on the patches. A folding tire lever fits with the patches in the matchbox-sized container.

What would they be called? Porn Patches, naturally.

Personally, I’m holding out for the ribbed version.

Yodelicious took a picture!

Purple Pedals Bike – named Yodelicious – at Hugga HQ.

Uploaded by Yodelicious | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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