Taipei Fixed

We saw lots of bikes yesterday in all shape and sizes, but no fixed. We’re watching for that today. Our next project is fixed btw …

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Georg Jensen Bikes

Hunting for some computer supplies on Saturday morning, I ran into these urban single speed commuters branded by the high-end metalware maker Georg Jensen. They’re beautiful in person, but utterly impractical.

Georg Jensen Bikes

Georg Jensen Bikes

Hanging with Dahon

mount%20up.jpg Yesterday Byron and I stopped by Dahon’s HQ office in Taipei. As the world’s foremost manufacturer of folding bikes, Dahon keeps a tidy space with a few rows of desks, a meeting room, and a prominent showroom of innovative bikes. After being greeted by some of their staff, we all grabbed some bikes and hit the river bike path.

Taipei Bike Boom

During Interbike, we talked at length with Dahon about Taipei’s Bike Boom and saw it today. A year ago, when we rode the the river bike paths, we saw handful of cyclist, including us. Today, there were bike traffic jams, bike pit stops, and a steady stream of bikes in both directions. Sometimes crazy bikes; often fully-kitted-out, euro-style cyclists on folding bikes; all of them having a good time. We saw more Dahons that I could count, KHS, Giant, Birdy, one Brompton, and some unknown brands. The adage “build it and they will come” applies in Taipei and the bike boom is directly attributed to the City spending millions of bike paths and infrastructure.


TrioBike Spotted

Don’t know how we’ve not seen this bike before, but spotted it a Taipei fashion store. Considering there’s a Taipei bike boom, that made sense and after much discussion, we decided it was “Neo Dutch Cargo” and it’s fantastic. Possibly hydro-formed aluminum with thick shapes, big headset, Nexus, disc brakes, and more. The bike switches between a bike, a cargo bike, and cargo carrier with no tools; as the video shows. It was designed by DesignAgenda.

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