Yuba Mundo: cushy Cargo bike,  world-ready ride

I recently got a chance to try out the Yuba Mundo “ one of a crop of integrated frame long tail cargo bikes that have been making their way to market in the last year or so. The Mundo falls at the low end of the price spectrum, and promises: cargo hauling capabilities ready to take on the challenges around the world.

Huggacast 68: Pink Bike Action Shots

Out riding with Pam on her Pink Bike …

Note that’s an HD video at 16 x 9; not sure why YouTube further letterboxed it. Regardless, enjoy. More on the Pink Bike

Huggacast 67: Pam’s Pink Bike

Pam’s got a new rain bike and it’s pink … really pink.

The pink bike – aka “Mary Kay”– was made by Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles and painted with matching fenders.

The next big idea in bikes?

Post travel, zombie-like, getting caught up on the news and noticed that “ideas and technology” were trending today. I guess on that topic, people are looking for the next big idea to grow their business and their career in this economy.

Reading the articles and writing one myself about Intel’s SciFi, I wondered what the next big idea is in cycling? I think 08 was cargo in the States.


What about 09? Is it bikes and technology or back to simplicity? Electric? Robots? Washing machines?


From MayaPedal.

HED wheels can be mini too


So we were rolling down the rover path in Taipei when we came upon a Birdy bicycle at a rest stop. Half the bikes out there were mini-wheeled folders, but this one had tiny HED aero wheels on it.

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