Off the beaten path at Interbike - Part 4


Bonk! offers some clever aftermarket stickers more in-line with cyclists needs. I’ve seen reflective 3M stuff sold previously, but it’s generally in awkward shapes and sizes. The nice part, is that the color options offered actually allow your reflective coating to blend in to the bike. This picture doesn’t do a good job of capturing the effect, but the fork has a line of black reflective tape on the trailing edge. I want my pretty new rain bike to still look good after adding some reflective material. I’m not big on the yellow and orange triangles.

More From Mobile Social Las Vegas


More photos from the Bikehugger Interbike Mobile Social… Including this one with the beacon in the background emanating from the Luxor Hotel. Riding down the strip in Vegas was a highlight of the trip. Riding with Xtracycles, Dahons, Mundos, and Fossil Fool, made this the most unique group ride at Interbike. We’re already planning our next Mobile Socials at SXSW, and Portland’s Webvision.

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Interbike 08 Best in Show

With all the exhausting booths, parties, activities, and same old thing every year, it was refreshing to see Hed Cycling invent a Sunscreen Headset Cap and for me it was the “best in show.” And why’s that? Cause here’s a legendary dude that puts wheels under the top cyclists, constantly innovates in the wind tunnel, and he was totally excited about this plastic cup of sunscreen. It was infectious and cool to not hear someone describe in marketing mumbo jumbo how their carbon layup is better than everyone else. Seattle Cyclist are vitamin D defficient, so I rarely use sunscreen and was thinking that I’d put some Nuun tablets in there and use it like a salt lick on long rides.

This year, Bike Hugger brought more bloggers with the mission to go find cool stuff. I focused on our existing partners, the Mobile Social, and the next one — the mother of all Mobile Socials at SXSW 09 in March (more on that later).


Aero Cargo

I’m thinking that this bike was cargo, before cargo was cool and it’s aero cargo for touring across America.

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Off the beaten path at Interbike - Part 3


I had actually seen Wheeltags online prior to the show, and wasn’t all that interested because the stock patterns they offer don’t really fit my style. When I saw the booth, I got a look at a number of their custom offerings - and some were quite impressive. I had just seen the Velocity ELVS reflective rims so I asked if Wheeltags had something similar. I actually like their options better - they can do various depths, with or without logos. I think a Bikehugger branded reflective wheelset is in my future for my new disc commuter wheels!

(Note - this rim appears black under normal light - with my flash or car headlights - it glows bright white)

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