Huggacast 52: Style in Motion

We rode with George Hincapie on the USPro course and later partied at the Style in Motion Fashion show.

DZ-Nuts are in!

DZ-Nuts, a high viscocity chamois creme, just arrived at Hugga HQ


and in time to protect our junk during Cross.

Moblogging, Geotagging Bike

This bike takes photos, geotags them, and uploads every 60 seconds. It’s also solar–powered. We need this bike in our Mobile Socials and at SXSW.

Next up: GPS art-bikes. Ride a route and make art with it.


Yahoo has launched a related site for the bike.

Uploaded by Dunstan Orchard | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Fixed…not really? Sturmey Archer SX-3

Sturmey Archer blog is reporting the long-awaited 3-speed fixed cog system is finally to prototype. Made famous by Sheldon Brown is the SA ASC 3-speed fixed. The cogs are fixed - sure, but by the magic of internal gearing, there various speeds are fixed.

I can certainly see the value here. I live on a big hill. Rolling down in the morning with my 68 inch gear can be an excercise in leg speed. On the way home - it’s standing all the way. What if I could run 68 on the flats, 85 on the downhills, and 50 on the uphills? How novel, and coming to a hipster near you I’m sure.

How Bike Hugger blogs

Readers that follow us here and via Twitter, Flickr, Interbike, and our Link Blog, may wonder just how we do it or maybe even considering blogging themselves; well, here ya go, all the details.


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