Bilenky Cargo Bike 20/20 Cycles

Kim and I represented Hugger at the annual Labor Day Cargo Bike Ride. That is where we spotted this custom painted beauty. Alex, head mechanic and owner of 20/20 had this frame fashioned by Bilenky Cycle Works in Philly PA. Inspired to get your own? We expect two similar Bilenky Cargo Bikes are in the works. They’ll be available for sale at 20/20 upon completion. More photos from the cargo bike social to come.

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Hey Ladies!

Pam got this “money shot” at the USPro podium, just for the ladies …


also noting that white shorts are in.

Pam and Palin: Miss Alaska 1984

While off-topic, this story is related in a degrees of separation way – while recovering from the “ride with George Hincapie” day (that was totally NOT a recreational-ride pace …), I was reading a NYTimes article on Governor Palin and showed Pam her Miss Wasilla 1984 photo. Pam (the Mutha Hugga and wife) looks and says, “wait a sec, I know her, I competed with her in Miss Alaska!”

A few minutes of Googling later and yep it’s true: Pam competed in beauty pageants with Palin in the 80s. Back home in Seattle, Pam scoured the basement archives and found the photos


one day riding with famous bike racers and the next she’s connected to the Palin narrative.

Internet Famous: Fat Guy Spandex

I was walking around Hincapie HQ and spotted a Fat Guy Spandex photo taped to a monitor, and was like, “whoa, wait, is that the original?” And it was!

Jennifer Helms, shown here, shot that photo and I don’t think really knew that it was a meme. Ask anyone with a computer who’s into bikes and they’ll laugh about that photo. We posted on it last year, it was on Swobo’s blog, Cyclingnews, and elsewhere. The story is that Mr. Lampre Kit was the Mayor of the Town the Tour came through and was beaming with pride.

Sweet Rob’s Ink in Greenville

Now that’s bike culture … tattooing a crank arm on your leg. Sweet Rob also made sure we got into the Mavic cars for live blogging during the USPro Race. Greenville has a burgeoning bike culture — while we didn’t see any commuters, we did meet urban cyclists, one Critical Mass rider, and spotted a Nishiki with Godspeed Tensioner in the crowd.

During the Style in Motion Weekend, I talked with George Hincapie and other Greenville business about their enthusiam for the sport and recreational cycling. In downtown Greenville, Postcards from Paris sells European interiors alongside high-end bikes and Hincapie Sporstwear’s 09 line features Apres-ride clothes for bike shops to sell.

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