Longtail Evangelism

I get asked so many questions, the cards help. I explain that it’s a sport-utility bike, a car replacement, and a cargo bike. That it’s liberating for errands cause no parking. Go to the store, just pull right up, and park.

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Win Hed Cyclocross Wheels

Hed Cycling is giving away a set of their new cyclocross wheels during our Mobile Social Interbike. The wheels are based on their alloy Ardennes rim with 24 spoke front, 28 rear, 2x2x lacing, and 1550g. We’ve ridden, tested, and love the Ardennes – so does Cyclingnews and Road Bike Action

To win the wheels and all the other good stuff we’re giving away, all you have to do is optionally ride with us, show up, drink our free beer, and hang out. You will need a raffle ticket and should talk bikes; topics like the merits of belt-drives, why the industry is stuck in no-man’s land between the future and the past, how to encourage plain-clothes cyclists, etc.

Raleigh 09 Single Speed

Spotted at Elliott Bay Bikes in downtown Seattle – it’s also set up to race Cross – see the rear here. The shop was busy, in a hurry, and so the photos aren’t great. Brian Fornes was riding the bike, Raleigh’s Marketing Coordinator, and I asked him if it was proto or real and he said he’s bringing it to Interibke and a version of it is going into production. We’ll see it at the Mobile Social.

Raleigh 09 Single Speed

Borrowing some FAST!

cervelo I’m doing my first triathlon in years.

I just hope I don’t drown.

Wheeeeeeee Ludicrous Speed!

Kid 1 gets the camera to record the ride to school on Bettie. After the slow, grinding climb, we hit Ludicrous Speed on the descent and that’s a big wheeeeee!

Note: this ride is performed by experienced cargo bike cyclists and passengers. Please don’t try this at home.

She complains about how slow we go, until we go fast. Oh and we have an agreement that I drop her off a block from school to prevent mortal embarrassment.

Also, we need to get one a Speed Vest to proudly display our speed.

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