Bike Hugger at Minneapolis Freeride

On a recent trip to the twin cities I dropped in with 200+ other riders on the Freeride. The beautiful weather, a stunning array of longtails, bike polo, bike cafes, and of course lots of Pabst made this a social ride I won’t soon forget. If there was any doubt, I’m now certain that Minneapolis’s thriving bike community, and cycling infrastructure make this a top notch two wheeled town. Now, if we could just figure out this winter thing… See more from Freeride after the jump.

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Waiting at the Swing Bridge Again

And thinking about Fall, travel, single-speeds, Nexus, and our next project bike.

This weekend we’re off to Hang out with Hincapie Sportswear and blog the USPro Cycling Championships.

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Single Speedin’ in the the Rain

Single Speed

I found the joy of single speed cyclocross last year. So simple and so little to go wrong. This year I’ve got my single speed setup with easy-off fenders so I can run it as a rainy-day option.

The rain is coming, and I have a new bike on the way (November I’m told), but in the mean time I’ll be rolling slow and easy on my single speed. No derailleurs to rub, chain cleanliness is less important, and as long as I’m not in a big hurry I can keep a nice and easy 15mph pace all the way home. Can’t wait.

Big Dummy Bike Polo at Freeride

This maybe a stupid idea, but I’m thinking of racing cross with the Bettie. The passenger could dismount with me, pick the bike up and over the barriers, and then push up the hills. Additionally, we could carry beer, pretzels, and a change of clothes with us when we get tired, wet, and cold.

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Mustache Handlebars Circa 1992

In the back of a shop, in lonely corner of a mechanic’s bench, I spotted a framed Mustache Handlebar page from the 1992 Bridgestone Catalog.


“Bring Bridgestone back!,” is what I say.

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