Cycling is a big thing in Greenville

From the charity rides, local races, and USPro, cycling is a big thing in Greenville – there’s some urban and commuting. Just got out of the Mavic Neutral Race Support Car. Full posts, podcasts to follow.

Also note that Bike Rumors posted on Hincapie Jeans. They’re real.

George Hincapie at the USPro Road Race

Ride Seattle: Cargo Bike Ride XIV on Labor Day

Cargo bike ride 16 – the tradition continues! The ride is all set for noon tomorrow, starting from 20/20 Cycles (at 2020 East Union on Capitol Hill). Destination is Ravenna Park in the U. District. The official flyer is here. These rides are always fun, with folks bringing all kinds of stuff to make the ride and destination more pleasant, including children. No cargo bike required of course, but you’ll see plenty there.

Velocouture Sketch

This sketch and others are from Christopher Koelle’s illustrated zine Sweet Ride. I spotted the zine at Hincapie HQ and also noticed how an urban aesthetic is influencing Hincapie’s 09 lifestyle, Apres-ride line.


The Hincapie Hotness


Team Hincapie Barkley

Greenville Critical Mass

We met this urban cyclist who told us he was en route to Critical Mass. Curious, I asked if they were a friendly bunch of Massers or tended towards violence and angry, punk youth. That question puzzled him, as he didn’t understand how CM could be violent . . later we asked some locals who didn’t know that Critical Mass even existed in Greenville.

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