USA Cycling Face Masks

USA Cycling Athletes arrived in Beijing wearing facemasks and causing controversy. Yes, they could’ve took those off for the greeting line and then back on, but there’s irony that a country obsessed with “face” (I wrote about that yesterday), has athletes covering theirs. I expect long commentary about the masks. One upside of the Beijing Olympics and air quality is the anticipation of new, breakthrough asthma medications for people like myself.


Photo Credit: Yves Herman/Reuters

The new Campagnolo Ergopower shape: Good or Bad?

Veloce%20Ergopower.jpg While I was down in Hayward CA visiting Bianchi, I got a chance to fondle the new Campagnolo Ergopower for Veloce. I didn’t actually get to ride it, but I can tell straight off if I’m gonna like a handlebar or hood. I’m not a Campagnolo fan at heart, but I gotta tell ya…I kinda like the new lever. It felt good in my hands. However, I keep hearing a lot of unkind words about the aesthetics. What’s your judgement: enlightened functionality or just plain hideous?

Tour of Denmark 2008

Flickr contributor and resident of Denmark, Zakkaliciousness, posted this road view of tour riders as the peloton convoy passed through town. There is no fancy editing or camera work here. The focus is actually on the spectators as 700c wheels and support vehicles whip past the camera resting on cobble stone streets. I love the perspective in this little video, and catching a glimpse of European cycling culture is fun too.

2009 Trek Madone - Replaceable Hanger?

A tip from a reader just came in with snaps of the 2009 Trek Madone. I have a 2008 Madone and love it - so what’s new on ‘09? Looks like the folks in Waterloo may have finally gone to a replaceable hanger. For the racing set - this is good news. There have been plenty of frames mangled from crashing on the right side just because the hanger got bent. To Trek’s credit thought I’ve bent my hanger on a couple of different frames and each time the integrated hanger was repareable (i.e. just bend it back straight).

Here’s my concern: Trek runs SRAM. SRAM is notoriously intolerant of mis-aligned hangers. Just being off a little tends to throw me all out of whack. I don’t think Shimano has this issue because their top pulley has float too it - at least that’s the best I could come up with. Anyway, in the case of a replaceable hanger, it’s been my experience that the hanger tends to have some play in it based on how tight the skewer is. Seems that getting it “just right” enough for my SRAM to be crisp may be a challenge. Time will tell!

Old Timey Bike Inventions

What this Crazy Bike Inventions – from Gizmodo – video shows is how “what’s old is new” in the bike industry. Recumbents, mini recumbents, giant bike via the Devil, mini bike like the Japanese. Even a slingshot at 4:59!; I didn’t see any electronic shifting, but it’s probably there … What did you notice?

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