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We periodically blog about mobility, mobile tech, and devices and attend Intel Developer Forums – our Mobile Socials are an intersection of bike culture, mobile apps, and technology. We’re not at IDF San Francisco, but it’s all over the tech blogs and we’re following along.

It looks like a device between my iPhone and Macbook Pro will hit the market soon and it’s like those shown in this photo from UMPC Portal. It’s not a Macbook Air, because our bloggers need the space and power when traveling. I’d sure like to slip a thin, light, powerful computer into my Crumpler bag, ride to a meeting or a coffee shop, and get to work. Can’t do that now, but we’re getting there. I do work on the iPhone – the iPhone has blown open the mobile app market – but not for editing video, photos, or audio.

Huggacast 49: Sneak Peak of Bianchi 2009

Last month I snuck into Bianchi USA HQ in Hayward, California. They have all of the new 2009 bikes tucked away in a room, but I didn’t have to drop in from a skylight to get to them. I saw some tasty items but I couldn’t ride them because A) No 49cm sizes and B) these are meant to be the show bikes for Interbike.

For 2009, the Mono-Q carbon road race bike compliments the more expensive T-Cube and SL (now called Superleggera) , the Gran Fondo-style 928 C2C carbon gets some sweet graphics, there’s a carbon CX bike, and strong offerings (particularly steel) below $2K for the everyman.

My Medal Count

Check this out Phelps! All my USCF bike racing medals combined. And they weighed so much around my neck, I had to take them off to prevent injury.

I brought them out because Pam was parading around Hugga HQ with her well-deserved Silver Medal. I should’ve written on them with a sharpie what they were for, as I can’t remember all of them; though, for one I was the only one that showed up, so I won Gold!

Also handy to to prove that I didn’t become a Cat 2 in some back-room deal with an official who wanted some hugga socks.

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Beijing Olympics Cycling BMX

Maybe this will run on TV, or I have to find it online somewhere, or something. But anyway, cool BMX is in the Olympics, let’s see CycloCross in the Winter Olympics next.

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A Good Meal

Last weekend, at the Firehouse in North Portland, we enjoyed pilsner pints, roasted chicken, fire-brick oven salmon and this hearty bread with olive oil. With that good meal, we recovered from a very fast crit, we’re asleep by 9:00, and ready for another race day.

What’s your favorite post race or ride food?

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