Novara Boise Photoshoot

Hugga was invited to Novara’s 09 product photoshoot in Boise. We hung out, rode, blogged, and took lots of photos. That’s me with the photographer sprinting a Strada down Bogus Basin Road.


Single speed no more - NEXUS!


I finally have my geared option for my One One Pompino cyclocross bike. I worked with Scotty down at uBRDO to finally dig up a Shimano Nexus 8 Speed hub and convert my single/fixed cross bike into sunny day road cruiser. I’ve been planning on doing this for quite some time, but was re-engerized to make the move after seeing the Hiawatha Cyclery bike.

Next RideCivil is 8/8 at Westlake Center, 5:30 PM

With all the (well deserved) concern over the recent Aloha Incident on this month’s Critical Mass lots of people have been wondering what they can do to promote civility, cooperation and good feelings between motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. I’m sure there are many good ideas, but please take the opportunity to demonstrate your civility on our next RideCivil ride.

Note: RideCivil doesn’t cork or block traffic, and I’m not at all clear where KPLU heard that we do. Thanks to Byron for the plug on KUOW.

Meet at: Westlake Center park
When: Starting around 5:30, but generally not departing until 6:15. Aug 8 (2nd Friday of the month)
Route, Destination, Duration and Pace: Determined by participants, including a post-ride sit down someplace with food and drink. We usually ride more than an hour at a no-body-left-behind social pace.

Boise Bike Boom

Apologies Boise for not noticing you earlier. We were preoccupied with the better known Portlands, Seattles, and Minneapoleis. With your low buildings, wide roads, big bike lanes, and flat dowtown, you’re a natural for urban cycling. Like an attractive and unappreciated little sister to those better known cities, when noticed you smiled and showed us treasures like a Pashley Delibike and Paul Frank.


Out of the city and on your roads, we climbed and descended Bogus Basin Road – carving the turns and flat-out flying the straightaways. Also talked to some locals that are all good with cyclists.

We’ll return another day Boise: ride more and tell our friends about you.

KUOW Interview on Critical Mass

Just finished a KUOW interview on Critical Mass and RideCivil. I’ve been traveling and wasn’t totally prepared, but we’ll post more about RideCivil, as soon as we’ve got details.

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