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Cool t-shirt with an articulate expression of my feelings about cycling:

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FSA Grand Prix at Marymoor Velodrome

The third running of the FSA Grand Prix drew cyclists from around the country to the pacific northwest. Over $14,000 in prize money was awarded, while cyclists battled to secure their spots at Elite Track Nationals. This was a special event, however regular season track races can still be seen at Marymoor on Friday nights through September 12th. You can check out more photos of the event after the jump.

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Fixed Gear in Pop Culture

Atlantic%20cover.jpg On the way to LOOK’s Media Day in California, I saw this magazine cover in the airport. I thought, Holy Crap! Next thing ya know, they’ll be using fixies to sell toaster strudel and McCoffee!

I’ll give props for having an anatomically correct fixie with a front brake, CX lever, and toe straps. However, the cover of the magazine did not convince me to buy the magazine….I wouldn’t want others to think that I would lower myself to read anything other than Tolstoy and porn.

Italian Steel Single - Tommasini!


I stopped by Bothell Ski & Bike today and met the owners Greg and John. Greg’s ride - a Scott Addict with SRAM Red all grammed out with Zipp cranks, Zero Gravity brakes, and all the greatest roadie bike porn. A hot bike for sure, but I think he was almost more excited to show me his single speed Tommasini.

The single speed was given just as much attention to detail as his road ride. Phil Wood track hubs, Campagnolo Chorus Ti post, Deda Zero stem, White Industries freewheel, Nitto B125 Steel track bars - the works. It was the first bike I’ve lifted in a while that actually listed forward because of the heavy steel bars. The lugs, the vibrant paint. That bike is art. I didn’t get a chance to ride it so I may have to stop by again when I have more time.

LOOK 2009 Launch: Part 3, the 596 time trial frameset

Check out the audacious Look 596 time trial/triathlon bicycle in this Huggacast video 45.

While in Los Gatos CA, I talked to Ming Tan of LOOK Cycle USA about the 596’s development. I was interested in how Look designed the bicycle as a whole. They windtunnel-tested the bike with rider and rotating wheels, measuring the value of mounting brake calipers in odd places and also of having very tight gaps between the tires and frame. They also considered the demanding work environment of professional team mechanics and how the bike would actually handle and function. What Look created after asking many questions was a bike that uses several bold proprietary features but is surprisingly practical in the details. As a successor to some of the boldest aero bikes used at the highest levels of competition, the 596 stands out among the trends in time trial design.

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