LOOK 2009 Launch: Part 3, the 596 time trial frameset

Check out the audacious Look 596 time trial/triathlon bicycle in this Huggacast video 45.

While in Los Gatos CA, I talked to Ming Tan of LOOK Cycle USA about the 596’s development. I was interested in how Look designed the bicycle as a whole. They windtunnel-tested the bike with rider and rotating wheels, measuring the value of mounting brake calipers in odd places and also of having very tight gaps between the tires and frame. They also considered the demanding work environment of professional team mechanics and how the bike would actually handle and function. What Look created after asking many questions was a bike that uses several bold proprietary features but is surprisingly practical in the details. As a successor to some of the boldest aero bikes used at the highest levels of competition, the 596 stands out among the trends in time trial design.

Another Seattle Critical Mass Clash

I was just talking about Critical Mass on the phone yesterday to a large event organizer and explained that the intent was never violent. In some cities Critical Mass is calm and in others it can and has gotten violent. Today there’s a Seattle PI story about a violent clash last night with a motorist:

The driver tried to back up, he said, and struck a bike. Bicyclists began attacking the vehicle.

I wasn’t there. Readers? WTF?

Straight up one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen was Critical Mass Seattle riding on Highway 99. Even stupider was when they rode on the Viaduct and then a cyclist got into an altercation with undercover cops. That eventually led to Critical Manners in Seattle and other cities.

Checksum Arcanius blogs about the incident – it just happened to be his first Critical Mass ride.

Tall Bike on the Tracks

Gritty Tall Bike, and Georgetown rider en route to the Freemont Summer Solstice Parade. Turns out a tall bike is a great way to get above the crowds for the best view of the parade.

Uploaded by Dapper Lad Cycles | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

LOOK 2009 Launch: part 2, The E-post

e-post%2001.jpg One of the trends among high-end carbon bicycle frames is the integrated seatpost. In general, this means that the seat tube extends above the top tube to just below saddle height, and the saddle itself attaches to a stub post or a clamp gripping the top of the seat tube. Scott, Giant, Trek, and others all have top level road bikes with integrated seatposts, but LOOK Cycle takes a different approach.

Their system is called the E-post, and Look designed it to not only take advantage of the weight reduction and aesthetic possibilities of an integrated post, but to also provide a way to further tune ride qualities for the individual rider.

Cadel Does Attack: Reporters

YouTube videos of Cadel attacking … reporters. There’s

and the head butt

We heard about a finger to a reporter, a thrown helmet, but haven’t seen it. Aussies defend him: maybe his shoulder, the pressure, or he’s just an ass.

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