Steampunk Recumbent

Seeing this Steampunk Recumbent got me thinking about a Steampunk cargo bike!


This trike is called the Brass Lion and also noticed by

Full overview at the Steampunk Workshop.

Note: Steampunk as a genre and subculture includes object that have been modded into a pseudo-Victorian mechanical Steampunk style.

Mark posted about retro style and spotted another Steampunk bike in this post.

Freitag Bags in Zurich

053008-1.jpg One of my best friends sent me some pix from his trip to Europe to see the Giro d’Italia last month. One of the cool things was the Freitag Bag store in Zurich. Freitag is a Swiss company that makes bags out of recycled materials, not unlike Alchemy Goods here in Seattle. But what’s really cool is their store: it’s made out of big-ass shipping containers stacked on top of each other. Check it out!

Cirque du Cycling

We stayed local for the weekend and Fathers day, but our readers tipped us to how much fun Cirque du Cycling was …

A few photos on Flickr.

Sycip Salumi cargo bike


Jeremy Sycip just shot me an email with Sycip Designs’ latest experiment: the Salumi. I haven’t even had a chance to talk to Jeremy about it, but it seems like the bike is a handbuilt cargo bike with a 20” front wheel and 700C rear. You can tell that the brothers Jay and Jeremy have a powdercoating facility since the fenders and rims are the same finish as the frame. And you wouldn’t coat the rims if you didn’t have disc brakes. In fact, the Salumi seems to have the excellent Shimano Alfine internally-geared rear and dynamo front disc hubs, though I couldn’t see a light from the pix. A fun bike, but don’t forget these guys make some serious performance bikes too, especially cyclocross.

photo from Sycip Bicycles’ photostream

Custom Mini-Footsies

Is riding your Xtracycle a family affair? I’ve seen lots of Xtra’s around Seattle with a Peapod on the back. But what do you do when your little one has outgrown the child seat, and is too small to safely rest his feet on Xtracycle footsies? Enter this custom solution seen on Xtracycleinc’s Flickr stream. Mini footsies secured to the seat stays. Combined with a handlebar attached to your seat post, this creative solution will keep you both rolling in style.

Uploaded by Dapper Lad Cycles | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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