Out of a sea of black Tarmac: Cycle@Staiths

Cycle@Staiths, an urban renewal project, launched a bike share program. In the video, Wayne Hemingway sums it up well with his statement that he’s working to end “car-dominated developments in a sea of black tarmac.” Continuing his quest to get Brits on bikes, Wayne Hemingway’s firm has designed an inexpensive folding bike (not online yet), and a bike shed.

Seattle Election Endorsements

With the primary election moved up to August 21st, many Seattleites find themselves flipping through election pamphlets, researching candidates and bombarded with advertisements. Cascade released their 2007 Primary Endorsements today, offering up another perspective on the many transportation issues currently faced by Puget Sound residents.

The Cascade Bicycle Club ventures into politics and elections for one vitally important reason - policies that effect bicycling begin and end with our elected representatives.

However, good answers can’t tell the whole story. We also evaluate a candidate’s past votes, talk to local activists and, when necessary, interview them face to face.

Critical votes for incumbents spanned a range of issues impacting bicycling, including: child safety, bicycle lanes and trails, transportation funding, land-use and sprawl.

Finally, we ask ourselves, “If elected, will they work with us to improve conditions for bicycling?”

Remember, Cascade’s endorsement process is strictly non-partisan.

The Bike Master Plan has yet to be approved by the City Council and the Stone Way Gap is an issue that impacts city residents across the board, far beyond us crazy cyclists.

Make people-moving a priority over moving cars. Get out the vote!

More on Kona’s Ute

Corresponded by email today with Robin Sansom, Kona USA, about the Ute and learned more. The kona.cz photo we posted is an early version from Kona’s product launch and some changes have been made to the final production version (new image below is from their catalog and more current), including

  • 700c wheels & tires
  • longer head tube for better handlebar position
  • lower top tube to increase standover/clearance
  • change of specification on stem, grips and saddle (aesthetics)
  • rear plastic deck on the rear is machined from 100% post consumer recycled material
  • Ships standard with two specifically designed, grocery-style pannier bags that include a raincover. Four bags capacity with with additional bags and accessories offered.

And Robin shared the insight that, “I see these types of bikes blossoming over the next couple of years, with the rise in fuel prices, green awareness and the escalation of overseas economies.”



Click for full-size version


  • MSRP is $799, explaining some of the spec decisions (rear V-brake, no internal hub, etc.).
  • Xtracycle compatibility – ” … the design concept was to make a complete bike that is economical, comfortable, light & offers a cargo area/options. Although we considered making the bike compatible with Xtracycle bags, this compromised the other design objectives. Xtracycle is a wonderful concept, but to accommodate their accessories, we would have added to the weight, complexity and expense of the model. We are definitely considering a variety of accessories & bags that will become available for the bike.”
  • Wheels – Kona tested this bike with both 26” and 700c wheels and 700cc was preferred
  • Foot Rests – Kona is considering and will keep us posted

Big Wheels: Ride Low Live Free

The 26th Almost-Annual Big Wheel Rally is coming up, in Boulder, on Saturday August 25th. During the last critical mass ride, a dude was there on a big, big wheel and it reminded me of all the power-sliding I’d do on my big wheel, way back in the day – I led the big-wheel gang in the neighborhood, knocking off lemonade stands, demanding lunch money for safe passage, that sort of thing (I also had a big Green Machine, which was made just to spin). I’d have to check that delinquent big-wheel past at the Rally, as it’s for fun and benefits Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation.


3 Feet Survey

With the 3 Feet campaign in full swing, Cascade has posted a survey to gauge the impact of the message. Share your thoughts and get the word out.

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